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What Our Clients Have Said:

Diana Bagas

"Emily is an incredible resource of knowledge on employment law. She helped guide us on how to structure our employee classifications and made adjustments to our consulting agreements so our business is better protected and positioned. She's both law-savvy and business minded - great asset to have when launching/growing a business."

Smita Narayan

Emily represented me in a complicated employment-related dispute. What could have been a prolonged nightmare for me was handled swiftly and skillfully, and with fairness and dignity.


They are seasoned, super responsive and always follow through. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for legal advice.

Valentina Ward

"After more than a year of discrimination and harassment in my previous position at a teaching hospital, I was finally at the point when I knew I needed help, otherwise I could break.... If you are the one who thinks your options are limited, without intending to harm or penalize your employer, you will understand my belief that Emily, and her associate, Jack Thaler, are my saviors! "

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